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About Us

Locally based in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, PLX Networks was founded to help people and businesses in our community and beyond with their many different computer and IT needs. We at PLX Networks strive to create a different and more personalized IT experience for our customers. As a group of independent contractors, we each bring our own unique perspective and experience to the table. We will work with you to deliver a solution that fills your needs while maintaining as much simplicity as possible. We believe in fixing any of your IT problems the right way, the first time. If you have a computer or IT problem, trust us to be the answer.

Why Choose Us?

At PLX Networks, we cover nearly all aspects of IT. We can bring your home ot business the cloud services and technology it needs. PLX Networks cloud services include website hosting and development, domain registration, DNS management, and much more.

PLX Networks business services nclude wired and wireless networking, desktop and server support, automation, and custom business apps. We are here for everything from the most basic to your most advanced needs. Contact us today to see exeactly how we can help you!

Who We Are

Jacob Gilsdorf

Jacob has attended Herzing and Lakeshore Technical Colleges. Taking classes in networking as well as website development. He is Server Plus certified for Server 2016 and has several years of experience working in manufacturing IT, website development, and automation

Bill Van Den Brulle

Bill is our hardware expert. From failing hard drives to processor upgrades he is your guy.

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